Welcome to my project page

During the last few years, I have realized a lot of hard and software projects. Hardware here is equally suitable for casting bronze, milling cast iron or fitting SMD components with the self-developed Pick & Place machine. The topic of software covers a similarly broad spectrum for me. From sewing my own kits to brewing beer as well as database, PHP or C programming I have used various techniques for my projects.

In 1994, I created a notebook like webpage with a collection of links in “this new Internet” with my “Steamboat Page” – Google has existed only since 1998 … I quickly learned that you can meet like-minded people and support each other in your projects. Building on this, I later created my own documentation on the internet for larger projects, which I am now bundling in one place.

Please keep in mind that I am not a native english speaker – So I am happy to receive all kind of hints how to imporve my english 😉

October 2017
Rainer from Hannover, Germany

Page under construction – maybe some english pages are still missing or not that as extensive as the German ones – I apologize…